Taiwo Demola

Taiwo Demola is a freshman at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. She previously attended Classical High School (CHS) and represented CHS as a delegate for the Providence Student Union, a youth-led education advocacy organization in Providence, RI. As part of PSU, Taiwo advocated for the implementation of student voice in the classroom by actively shedding light on the importance of youth empowerment. Steadfast in her effort, Taiwo has assumed numerous roles as a representative on the Superintendent’s Student Council, a Teen Ambassador for Trinity Repertory Company, a Member of the Principal’s Inner Circle as well as the Providence Public Schools Ethnic Studies Task Force. In addition, Taiwo is the Co-founder of Diversity Talks, an alternative student-led approach to project development that strives to assist educators in their journey to create meaningful connections through conversation.

She is a graduate of Sophia Academy, a small nonprofit all-girls middle school based in the Providence area that aims to provide women from low-income families a quality education with a curriculum rooted on the foundation of social justice. During her time at Sophia Academy, Taiwo attended numerous educational conferences, fostered connections with local community organizations and participated in Sophia’s seminar class in which she won the Sister Mary O’ Riley Justice and Gender award for her outstanding performance.