Milly Arciniegas

Milly Arciniegas serves as the Executive Director of Hartford Parent University, a parent-led organization she was integral in establishing and launching in 2011, along with a group of Hartford parents. Over the past nine years, Milly has continued to work with Hartford parents, community organizations, school leaders and educators to develop a research-based model that provides culturally relevant courses and pedagogy, and ensures all children receive an equitable, high-quality education.


Prior to the development of Hartford Parent University, Milly served as Vice President of Technology for a private financial company for more than 10 years. During that time, Milly worked with parents, teachers, administrators, district staff and superintendents on a volunteer basis to increase parent engagement throughout Hartford Public Schools.


From 2007-2011, she served as President of the Hartford Parent Organization Council (a coalition of 45 PTOs throughout Hartford Public Schools). She and other parents provided training and technical assistance to PTO parents throughout the school system. The council also advocated for the School Governance Council legislation, passed in 2010, which allows all children to receive a quality education regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds or living situations.


Milly was born and raised in Hartford, CT and is the mother of two children, Gabriel and Ismael. She served in the United States Navy for four years after graduating from Bulkeley High school in Hartford and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Science/Business Administration from Troy State University.